Charity Accounting and Taxation (6ed)

Charity Accounting and Taxation (6ed)
Charity Accounting and Taxation (6ed)
Buzzacott LLP Charity Team
Bloomsbury Professional

Charity Accounting and Taxation, 6th edition provides those dealing with charity finances with a clear and easy to follow guide to all aspects of preparing annual financial statements for charities of all sizes.

Due to the nature of charities such as their legal structure and the fact that they deal with money from a large number of third parties, their annual accounts are subject to tight regulation, including a statutory annual audit for most.

The book provides expert guidance from the Buzzacott charity team on preparing all aspects of a financial statement so that it complies with relevant legislation, financial reporting standards and the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) issued by the Charity Commission. It also provides advice on complying with all tax legislation and suggests planning points that will allow charities to avoid any potential direct pitfalls and manage their affairs in the most tax-efficient way.

Charity Accounting and Taxation, 6th edition is an invaluable source of guidance on preparing and auditing charity accounts prepared in line with the revised Charity SORP. Both finance teams within charities and accountants and auditors in practice with charities among their client base will use this on a regular basis.


CharityTrustees’ Responsibilities

Accounting requirements

Trustees’ report

Accounting policies and accounts structure

Statement of financial activities

Incoming resourcesResources expanded

Balance sheet presentation

Fixed assets, valuations and depreciation

Current assets, liabilities and reserves

Cash flow statements

Notes and disclosures

Summarised accounts

Scottish, Irish and exempt charities

Audit and other external scrutiny

Tax exemptions and charities

Tax and trading activities of charities

Tax incentives to donors

Charities and VAT


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