Button on Taxis: Licensing Law & Practice (3ed)

Button on Taxis
Button on Taxis: Licensing Law & Practice (3ed)
Button, JTH
Bloomsbury Professional

Taxi licensing is fraught with complicated issues, Button on Taxis, 3 edition, clearly explains the law and procedure relating to the licensing of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles both inside and outside London.

This edition highlights the overlaps and conflicts that exist, so providing invaluable analysis and commentary.

Now in its third edition, Button on Taxis has been fully revised and updated to take account of the legislative changes and developments affecting taxi licensing law, including:
The Disability Discrimination Act 2005;
The Road Safety Act 2006.

TFully updated with all the latest case law since the last edition, it provides coverage on:
Brentwood Borough Council v Gladen 2004 Admin Crt;
R (on the application of Johnson) v Reading Borough Council 2004 Admin Crt;
Sardar v Watford Borough Council 2006 Admin Crt;
Chorley Borough Council v Thomas QBD 2001 Admin Crt;
Key Cabs Ltd T/A Taxifast v Plymouth City Council 2007 Admin Crt;
Darlington BC v Kaye 2005 Admin Crt;
R v Chester Crown Court (app Wrexham CBC) 2004 Admin Crt;
Telford v Wrekin Borough Council v Ahmed 2006 Admin Crt, Singh v Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 2007 Admin Crt and Sedgefield Borough Council v Crowe 2008 Admin Crt.

A logical and user-friendly layout splits the law relating to London and that relating to outside London into two distinct sections, making it quick and easy to find what you need. This invaluable reference book also includes coverage of important areas, such as how to appeal against decisions, fees and the impact of criminal convictions, procedural flowcharts and exhaustive coverage of case law by means of summaries and discussion.

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