Boyle & Birds Company Law (9ed)

Company Law (9ed)
Boyle & Birds Company Law (9ed)
Boyle, A
Jordan Publishing Ltd

Boyle & Birds' Company Law is a well established leading textbook based on Gore-Browne on Companies. It combines a comprehensive and authoritative exploration of law and practice with an examination of the theoretical issues.

The new edition has been completely update to include changes relating to

  • Case-law on members rights
  • Case-law on the duties of shadow directors
  • Cases emphasising the continuing importance of equitable principles underlying the statutory statement of directors’ duties
  • New case-law on the core directors’ duties of proper purpose and good faith, the duty of care and skill and the consequences of a breach of the no conflict principle
  • Case-law on substantial property transactions and ratification of a breach of directors’ duties
  • Supreme Court decisions in Eurosail and Nortel Networks and the Court of Appeal decision in Game Station
  • Reviews the ongoing development of the administration procedure including the controversies over prepacks and the expenses of administration.

The new edition also considers the changes in the regulation to official listing, admission to trading on regulated markets and public offering of securities following the reform of Part 6 of the Financial Services Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) under the statutory authority of the FCA.

It also highlights the new provisions relating to the criminal liability for defective prospectus contained in the Financial Services Act 2012.

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