Bareboat Charters (2ed)

Bareboat Charters (3ed)
Bareboat Charters (2ed)
Davis, M
Routledge Cavendish

This book examines for the first time the Barecon 2001 form which was adopted by the Documentary Committee of BIMCO in November 2001.

The title explains the nature and formation of a bareboat charter, and examines and comments upon each of the clauses contained in the new form, drawing comparisons with the Barecon 89 form.

It gives separate consideration to the form and the issues that arise in the context of finance charters and leases. It also provides valuable guidance upon the admiralty and arrest jurisdiction of the English court in relation to bareboat charters.

The second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, with extended commentary on the issues arising in the context of bareboat charters regarding insolvency, insurance and the provisions for new buildings.

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