Agricultural Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons

Agricultural Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons
Agricultural Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons
Holthius, J
European Lawyer Ltd

Long term demand for a range of agricultural (food) products will be increasing dramatically over the coming decades. This demand is mainly being driven by developing countries in Asia.

International merger and acquisition activities in the agri-food and biotech industry have surged worldwide. New technologies and growing methods are changing the conventional agricultural business models. In spite of the need for cross-border operations and investment, it has remained difficult for investors to navigate through domestic agricultural policies, laws and regulations.

Global Agriculture Lawserves as a global handbook covering 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas (USA, India, China, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Japan, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Nigeria, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Hungary).

The publication is unique in its field. It takes a foreign investor’s stand-point and makes cross comparisons between countries and different practice areas relating to foreign investment in agriculture business.

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